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Non plus ultra

High-productivity and attention to detail Graphic Arts Boccia offers a bouquet of products and process innovations that make Graphic Arts Boccia a unique partner in Europe.

Fully integrated processing stages

First installations in Europe

4 interchangeable rotary presses

96 full colour tabloid pages in just one run

40 types of rotary press fold

Unique plants

It is the big picture that makes the difference between an investment and another. It is the set of technological choices that determine the level of reliability and competitiveness.

AGB News

Graphic Arts Boccia is a company made up of thought design, color, technology or people with a single mission: to help restore efficiency in the production chain.

Arti Grafiche Boccia launches the “MONSTRE (MONSTER) S96″ project

Published on 16 May 2014.
The Company bought the Cerutti S96 from the Gruppo Editoriale L'...

Agreement signed between the Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso and Arti Grafiche Boccia

Published on 19 May 2014.
Printing of La Città, the main daily in the Province of Salerno ...