1961, the history of our Company began with a man, his dream and his passion.
53 years of industrial tradition, of the culture of doing business, of people and technologies at the service of the “world” of printed paper; that sweet "smell" of paper, of ink and the challenge of transforming the Factory, the projects and the vision.
This is the air that you breathe when you come into our “Factory” and its smells are the “platforms” for reflection and thoughts, the ideas that take shape are also helped colours and characters.
You'll discover a place that creates emotions through the passion of the people are both reactive and proactive and make things happen.
This is the first sensation you'll have when you cross the doors of our FACTORY.

40 types of rotary press fold

96 full colour tabloid pages in just one run

4 interchangeable rotary presses

First installations in Europe

Fully integrated processing stages

Plus Points


It’s the bigger picture that makes the difference between one investment and another. It is the set of technological choices that determines the level of reliability and competitiveness. What AGB men and women seek from a machine is efficiency flanked by innovation and the ability to create new markets.

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Everything that is printed is worth printing well, no matter whether it is the label of a tin of tomatoes, a tin of cat food or a bottle of mineral water; or whether it is a catalogue, a newspaper, a magazine or a leaflet stating the deals of the week at your local supermarket. At AGB, innovation serves this purpose, so you can think big.

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Machinery is nothing without a team that is capable of setting it up and operating it. Arti Grafiche Boccia is a company marked by ideas, design, colour, and countless initiatives, blended with an original interpretation of modern day capitalism.

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