Komori Dual system

The 32 and 64-page (4 or 5 colours) System rotary presses have a 1250 mm cut-off and are the first in Europe using this technology, which can reduce waste and start-up times without sacrificing print quality. Thanks to their high level of innovation and automation, the System rotary presses also allow you to work in sectors where sheet-fed units are mainly used. Komori developed a series of advanced communication and control technologies not only for the presses themselves, but also for peripheral devices, including automated devices for calibration, ovens and post print equipment. These rotary presses offer water transfer printing of all pages in a shelf mark, creation of self-cover items with staples that perfectly align with the rotary outlets for print runs of 16, 32, 48 and 64 pages, water transfer printing of the first and last page of self-cover items.

40 types of rotary press fold

96 full colour tabloid pages in just one run

4 interchangeable rotary presses

First installations in Europe

Fully integrated processing stages

Plus Points
  • Offset roto water transfer printing
    Self-covering products from 16 to 64 pages with in line staples
  • Offset roto 5 colour printing

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