Muller Martini Corona

The Corona binder with 2 workstations has been the first one in Italy of its type. This binder can manage covers with first and fourth page folded, cutoff aligned to the inside pages and inverted shelf marks, glue a postcard, DVD or a sachet on a shelf mark with removable glue, and refine products using polyurethane glue. Both binders can cope with high, medium and low print runs and combine industrial output with flexibility, speed and high-quality performances.

40 types of rotary press fold

96 full colour tabloid pages in just one run

4 interchangeable rotary presses

First installations in Europe

Fully integrated processing stages

Plus Points
  • Covers with cut off aligned with internal pages
  • Products with polyurethane glue
  • Proof inverter
    Covers with special front and rear pages
  • Glued product components

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